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12 Best Fonts For Your Restaurant Brand and Menu Design

December 25, 2021
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Mock up Javanica
7. mock up 2 Kana Hana
Kana & Hana Coffee Pouch Mockup Preview

If you are looking to update your restaurant brand and menu design this year, there’s no shortage of great fonts online for you to use. Keep reading as we share twelve of the top fonts, all of which are ideal for selling food and beverages in your restaurant or café.

Kana & Hana – Vintage Monoline Script

Mock up Kana Hana
Kana & Hana Menus Mockup

Kana & Hana is a beautiful font that is ideal for a coffee shop’s menu. With smooth characters and a vintage look, it would be great for your menu and restaurant posters. You’ll create a laid-back look whenever you use this font, making your restaurant look and feel more welcoming to your visitors.

Javanica – Vintage Display Font

Mock up Javanica
Javanica Menus Mockup Preview

For a vintage display font, look no further than Javanica. This font is perfect for Western food and coffee menus and was inspired by classic posters of the past. As well as applying this font to your restaurant menu, we think it would be perfect for posters, merchandise, and letterheads.

Semur – Vintage Display Font

Mock up Semur scaled
Semur Menus Mockup Preview

When updating your packaging, it can be hard to find the right font to attract attention to your products. Semur is a vintage display font that was created by hand and inspired by classic posters. With both uppercase and lowercase letters and every symbol you could need, it would be a great option for your company logo or to add to your apparel and merchandise this year.

Orchard Song – Decorative Serif Font

Mock up Orchard Song
Orchard Song Menus Mockup Preview

Decorative fonts are ideal for coffee shops, menus, packaging, and much more. Orchard Song is one of our favorite decorative fonts and has a relaxed and musical theme. It’s one of the most versatile fonts for restaurant owners, and you’ll find it comes in handy on any print material you need to design.

Steak House – Display Burn Font

Mock up Steak House
Steak House BBQ Menus Mockup Preview

When you’ve got a special offer going on in your restaurant, you need a way to attract customers to this promotion. Steak House is ideal for creating promotional materials and would be the perfect choice for a poster sharing your latest offer. On top of that, it’s a good option for steak and BBQ restaurants or for anywhere serving spicy food.

Murasamu – Oriental Brush Font

Mock up Murasamu scaled
Murasamu Sushi Menus Mockup Preview

Murasamu is an oriental brush font that would look great on an Asian restaurant’s menu. While this font is more ornate than other options, it’s still easy to read and will help your menu to stand out from elsewhere.

Renji – Japanese Font Style

Mock up Renji scaled
Renji Sushi Menus Mockup Preview

For a distinctive font for your Japanese restaurant’s menu, try out Renji. It would be ideal for your menu, logo, and posters and will help to create a cohesive theme throughout your restaurant.

Fire Ace – A Fiery Display Font

BBQ Fonts
Fire Ace Hot & Spicy Menus Mockup Preview

Fire Ace is a fiery display font that is perfect for promoting a restaurant serving spicy food. While it gives your menu a dangerous and exciting feel, it’s still easy to read and great for modern restaurants.

Shayan – Arabic Font

Mock up Shayan scaled
Steak House Middle East Menus Mockup Preview

Middle Eastern restaurants can update their menu this year with Shayan, an Arabic font that will reflect the cuisine you are serving. It’s inspired by the Arabic culture but is still easy for a global audience to read.

King Malik – Turkish Font

Mock up King Malik
King Malik Arabian Menus Mockup Preview

Another option for anyone who owns a Middle Eastern restaurant or serves this type of cuisine is King Malik. This Turkish font is bold and clear, so it would be a good option for your branding and menu.

Mexican City – A Slab Serif Display Font

Mock up Mexican City
Mexican City Mockup Preview

Mexican restaurants are incredibly popular in most cities, but you need to ensure you are doing everything you can to stand out from other establishments. Mexican City is great for food and snacks from this region of the world and is good for both formal and non-formal uses.

Shufen – A Chinese Font

Asian Menu Mockup
Shufen Asian Food Menus Mockup

Shufen will add a striking touch to any Chinese restaurant, yet it is easy for your patrons to read and select what they want to order from your menu. It helps to set the tone from the moment someone walks into your restaurant and will ensure they are generous with their order from your menu.

As you can see, there are so many great options on offer when it comes to updating your restaurant menu. You’ll find that all of these fonts have different styles, so you’ll be able to create a restaurant menu that’s reflective of your brand. The right font can help influence your customers to dine in your restaurant or café, so make sure you take the time to find the best option to fit your needs this year.

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